US still seeking nuclear deal with Iran: report

Israeli officials say the White House is still seeking a nuclear deal with Iran despite comments from President Joe Biden who earlier said the deal was “dead”.

Israeli daily Haaretz wrote on Tuesday that Israeli officials believe the Biden administration is still aiming for a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic and has the backing of the US defense establishment, while newly emerged footage showing the president Biden claiming the deal was “dead” has gone viral on social media.

In this video, the US president confirmed the deal was “dead”, but said he couldn’t officially announce it for “many reasons”.

Biden did not give a straight answer on “reasons” why Washington is refusing to officially announce this. Israeli officials say it could have been a slip of the tongue by Biden.

Israeli officials quoted by Haaretz say Washington knows it will be difficult for the Iranian regime to quell the recent protests without improving the economic situation and therefore reaching the agreement could be in their interests.

These officials who have been in contact with their American counterparts also gave the impression that despite the difficult situation, a significant reversal of the nuclear agreement was looming in a few months.

However, an Israeli official told Haaretz that “Israel has no practical capability to effectively attack Iran without US support and cooperation, and anyone who says otherwise is deliberately lying.”

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