Donald Trump’s tax returns to be released by US House panel on Friday | donald trump

Donald Trump’s redacted tax returns will be made public on Friday after a powerful congressional committee voted last week to release them.

A spokesperson for the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee confirmed the timing of the release in a statement to Reuters on Tuesday.

The Democratic-controlled committee obtained the statements last month as part of a probe into Trump’s taxes, after a lengthy court battle that ended with the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of Trump. committee.

The move is expected to spark a political storm in the United States, where the former president’s taxes have long been a controversial topic. Trump broke with decades of presidential precedent by refusing to release his tax returns when he ran for office in 2016, and fought to keep them secret.

The New York Times previously released numerous parts of Trump’s tax returns as part of a major investigation that showed how the real estate mogul and reality TV star suffered severe losses and turned himself over. to massive tax evasion.

The committee released a report on its findings last week, which said the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) broke its own rules by not auditing Trump for three of the four years of his presidency.

The findings raised sharp questions about Trump’s insistence he could not publicly release his tax returns – as other presidents have regularly done to give people insight into their livelihoods — as he said his statements were under ongoing review by the IRS. The committee’s report also highlighted shortcomings of the IRS, which has been criticized for auditing low-income people more often than wealthy people.

The documents to be released on Friday are expected to include Trump’s tax returns filed between 2015 and 2021, the years he ran for and served as president. It would be the first official release of his financial records since his tenure.

A Trump spokesperson declined to comment.

Trump’s tax returns were not released with last week’s report because they contain sensitive information that had to be redacted before release, committee members said.

Democrats on the committee said making the statements public was necessary to understand the context of its report, which also included a bill that would require the IRS to audit presidents.

Trump was the first presidential candidate in decades not to release his tax returns during one of his presidential campaigns. He also bragged during a presidential debate that year that he was “smart” because he paid no federal taxes.

Committee Democrats had just weeks to decide how to handle the returns once they got them, before Republicans regained control of the U.S. House in January after winning a narrow margin of victory in the November midterm elections.

Reuters and the Associated Press contributed reporting

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